13 January, 2011

see me read.

I just purchased almost all of my books for this semester -- eighteen! This is going to be an intense semester of reading, analyzing and responding but I am very excited about all of it. Subjects of these books include Vietnam, Korea, whales, ocean, Africa, Europe, storms, Communism, and Mexico. Shortly after I finished my amazon book order (waaay cheaper) I checked my old e-mail and goodreads.com had sent me their list of new book releases for January, oh sweet temptation. As I was browsing through the titles I saw their 2011 Reading Challenge, so, I signed up! Initially I put in a larger number thinking I would include my school books but then I decided to just track pleasure reading (maybe I'll change that later). So my goal is 15 books for this year, nothing crazy, a little over a book a month -- I wanted a goal I could accomplish while tackling a full school schedule. You should join, and then add me as your friend - I would love to see what you are reading! Also, I am in the market for book recommendations again -- shoot some my way!

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