12 January, 2011


Having a positive outlook in life is really important to me, I think this stems from the fact that I am not positive by nature (are there people genuinely like that?). My first thoughts often stray to the negative and sarcastic which is not attractive on anyone. Since positive thinking doesn't come all that instinctively to me I have to practice it. I am a firm believer in practicing personality traits that don't come easily to you, "fake it til' you make it." There are always things to be positive about and to be grateful for. 

This week I am grateful for...
 1. Meeting with an academic advisor that is willing to fight for me -- she is trying to figure out why my Geology class and Stats class didn't transfer and I love her for it. 
 2. Getting into classes that a) are part of my major and b) are interesting
 3. Mapping out the path to graduate by Spring 2012! (cross your fingers, pray for me, good thoughts... any and all would be appreciated) It will be a crazy ride but I am hoping to knock it out :) wish me luck. 
4. Having a husband who has an active interest in my education and who believes in my ability to accomplish this task in the time we have here. 
  5. My super funny professor for my Sea in History class -- maritime history -- he was cracking me up! 
and last but certainly not least
  6. the snow has melted!!!

Bonus for you: 
My new id. I am legitimately a UNCW student and yes, my bangs are practically covering my entire face, my hair grows so fast! But as far as id's go this one is okay, right?


  1. YOU SHOULD CHANGE YOUR NAME TO CHERITH CUTESTORY AND PRACTICE MARITIME LAW! har har har. we're bffs because i know you'll get the reference. your ID is way cute though! i like the bangs. very chic. you're pretty.

  2. I knew it was from Arrested Development but had to look up the exact reference -- I loved the episodes with Julia Louis Dreyfus!

  3. I love the new header! That is one of my favorite Cartman lines, lol!

  4. Thanks! I thought it summed up my blog pretty well :)

  5. Thanks! I thought it summed up my blog pretty well :)