05 January, 2011

then there were three.

My adorably masculine feline, Houston, is coming home with me! Having very little experience traveling with animals I had to make a last minute appointment at the Vet for Houston to have an exam for a Certificate of Health. So yesterday I took him to a local pet hospital where he was duly traumatized. This cat does not like to be touched. He wants to be in the room and a part of the festivities but the minute you start to pet him he planning his escape. I was surprised to find that he becomes very needy when he is scared. His little body was shivering so hard in the exam room and would crawl up next to me and nudge my hand with his nose, willing me to carry him out of this room and never take him back. Unfortunately he was due for his vaccines and had to receive two shots -- he was not pleased and was pretty pouty afterwards. But he survived and he's going for his first plane ride tonight! In other news, I got a haircut from my beautiful friend Amanda and she gave me bangs! I love it! I can't stop looking in the mirror, always a good sign.

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