03 February, 2011

get rid of the seaward.

Sweater: Target, Shirt: Target, Jeans: Levi's, Flats: Payless
"I'll leave when I'm good and ready."
I don't know why I thought that particular Arrested Development quote seemed fitting for this entry but there it is. I just put it out there. 
I'm trying to renact my "morning face" for you. You get the picture.
This morning I was all set to get up at six and go for a run. My phone alarm is Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons and every morning when it goes off my cat, Houston, comes in, and nudges my hand to let me know he's hungry. He was doing just that when he got distracted by a basket under my night stand. It has a whole bunch of stuff in it including this small, metal easel that usually serves as a picture stand. His poor paw got caught in the metal chain on the bottom of the easel and he freaked out and dragged it to the other side of the room, shrieking. Oh my goodness. Traumatic. I jumped out of bed and tried to get him to hold still while I figured out what he was attached to. He finally got loose, jumped on me and clawed my arm and leg before he went jetting out of the room. I screamed, I'm probably a wuss but it hurt! So i just washed it up and crawled back into bed because no one should have to go running after such a distressing experience. Houston is fine, just a little shell-shocked. 
So, instead of running I got up and made myself a well-rounded breakfast. I REALLY miss Dan and when we were dating (and in the same town) he came over to my parents house every morning and made me breakfast. I wasn't always a peach (I'm not really a morning person), and he is just so great. But, today I had to make breakfast for myself. Guess what!? I get to kiss him tomorrow! On the lips. 


  1. ON THE LIPS?! sick, rachel. just sick.
    and i have those same flats! BOGO BOGO BOGO!!!!

  2. Ugh. The missing is the worst. Period. And cat scratches suck, so you're no wuss. :-P

  3. forgot a "v" ...I fail...

    let me try that again, Viva BOGO!

  4. Bran, whenever you remind me of that "Bogo!" thing I always remind myself of Kelly Kapur...
    Aud, cat scratches DO suck. so i'll run tonight.
    Hope, I LOVE BOGO!

  5. i love your sweater! it looks really comfy :)
    also, your shoes are such a great pop of color!

  6. Patty, Thank you! the sweater was ALMOST enough to keep me warm yesterday, and it is soo comfy.

  7. Poooor kitty! Glad he was ok. And agreed, I wouldn't run after that either. I love your cardi chick and your hair! Aw man, makes me want my bangs back again :)

  8. Ugh. The missing is the worst. Period. And cat scratches suck, so you're no wuss. :-P