01 February, 2011


Top: Issac Mizrahi for Target, Seater: Target, Skirt: H&M, Boots: Nordstrom, Belt: Modcloth, Tights: Target

Day one of the thirty for thirty, ladies and gentlemen. I wore rain boots because they said there was a 20% chance of rain this morning and that was as great an excuse as any to wear my over-the-knee rain boots, not that I need an excuse, I think they are fantastic. 

On another note, I saw Howl last night; James Franco as Allen Ginsberg. I went for three reasons: a) I get extra credit in my Lit class, b) Dan is gone so what else do I have to do?, and c) James Franco is hot. Now, I am not an English major and I don't like Poetry that much (gasp!) but I figured it would be pretty good, I like independent films. 
I. Am. So. Hip. 
About 5 minutes into the film we find out that he was friends with Jack Kerouac which instantly clouded my opinion of Ginsberg. I read On the Road by Kerouac last summer and I was unimpressed and slightly concerned at the quality of literature we apparently publish in this country. If someone reading this enjoys Kerouac, by all means explain what you like about him -- I honestly will listen with an open-mind; I am just not a fan. Back to Ginsberg, I have never read "Howl" (Ginsberg's poem, the film was based on) and watching the film definitely did not make me understand it more. Franco did an excellent job though. So, that's something.

 Highlight of my night? 
As everyone was walking out of the theatre I overhear the young girl behind me say, 
"Ya, that's why I didn't want to ask my friends to come because I knew it was an independent film about a guy who was really weird." 
Great insight. 


  1. I am surprised that your closet is not filled with Forever 21 clothing by now. It's my favorite place to shop because you never know what you are going to find! There's something in there for every kind of girl. If I worked there I would be paying them to employ me...lol!

  2. Love the outfit. The blouse is so cute. Good luck on the challenge.

  3. Forever 21 and I parted ways before Christmas, I needed to take 3 weeks off during Christmas. I may go back and work there once my school schedule starts making more sense. :)

    Marie-Eve, thank you! I found the blouse at a secondhand store. Are you taking the challenge as well?

  4. I didn't understand any of what you just said re: the film. Who are these people? Hahah. I mean, I know who James Franco is *drools*, but the characters in the movie... I'm lost.
    "Ya, that's why I didn't want to ask my friends to come because I knew it was an independent film about a guy who was really weird." Gold.

    And I love your outfit today. Navy blue is always a funner alternative to plain ol black when it comes to cardis. Your hair is awesome.

  5. Ha! Kerouac and Ginsberg are American Author/Poets -- I'm not a huge fan but they represent the Beat generation and movement that happened here in the 60s-ish.

    Thanks for stopping by! I tried to comment on your latest post (love the shorts), but for some reason I am unable to comment on blogs. It'll show up for 5 seconds and then disappear... :(