17 February, 2011

just not quite as popular as me.

Tank/Sweater: Target, Jeans: H&M, Flats: Urban Outfitters
You might not believe this but there were a couple years when I literally never wore jeans or pants -- I was strictly a dress and sweater kind of girl. There were a couple reasons for that but mostly I just love dresses. More recently however, and this might have to do with my complete lack of knowledge on how to dress for cold weather, I have noticed that my H&M jeans have become my go to clothing item. When did that happen? Something needs to be done about this. 
Today was the day I wished I had listened to the California girl in me and put a pair of sandals in my 30 picks. I prefer sandals to any type of shoe and I think it may have been worth it to throw in a pair even if today was the only day I could wear them. It's supposed to hit 64ยบ today, and it's breezy, and sunny, and just wonderful. The perfect beach day. Maybe we'll go this weekend... supposedly the water is warm on this coast, I'll just have to wait and see. 

Want to know the great thing about church? It's an automatic community. I don't have any friends here yet but today something monumental happened: I saw a girl on campus that I knew (from small group) and we stopped and chatted -- passersby must have thought I was just one well-known chick, they were probably jealous of my popularity (it's not about aptitude, it's the way your viewed). 

Wicked, anyone?


  1. So it's very shrewd to be... very very popular, like me.

  2. seriously, i do love that aspect of church...it's so important to feel like you belong. and i'm loving your pattern mixing. cute lady!

  3. i got the wicked reference immediately!

    i am so glad that you commented because i've been debating cuting bangs and after browsing your blog i've decided to do it! (our hair is about the same length) so thanks...!

  4. Kate- I LOVE my bangs. they get oily a little faster than side bangs but whatever I'm in love. I definitely say go for em!

  5. love the mustard with the stripes! and yay for church friends!

  6. I have that tank, love it! Very cute remix. Also, very cute blog.


  7. love the mustard with the stripes! and yay for church friends!