16 February, 2011


Dress: Modcloth, Belt: Panache, Sweater: Target, Shoes: Payless
True Confessions: I am wearing this dress backwards. 
The front is supposed to have a high scoop neck and then the back is a little lower. But I am short folks and for some reason I just felt stumpy when I wore it like that. So, backwards it is. I really do love this dress though, it's so comfortable. 
This week is super stressful school-wise: I have full rough draft due today (which I forgot about until last night), a Western Civ test tomorrow, a paper for Global due on Friday, and another test on Monday. It's all doable I just feel slightly overwhelmed by the tight schedule. But I am looking forward to Saturday! It's my birthday so Daniel and I are going to make a cake from scratch together. I got this fabulous Southern Cakes recipe book from Audrey for Christmas and I can't wait to try one out! And we're making tacos. Because I am Mexican. And that's what I like. 


  1. I wear my clothes backwards all the time (at least during the remix challenge): dresses, cardis, tops. Do what you want...especially when it looks that lovely on you!

  2. How clever, I would have never thought it was on backwards! It looks great, thats for sure!

    I hop your week goes well and then you can relax for your birthday! My husband is mexican and we also make taco to on our b-days (that are 3 days apart!).

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