28 March, 2011

big green socks.

Well, apparently mother nature thought all us folk out here in Wilmington, NC had been just too spoiled this early on in the spring season, so, after two weeks of 70-80 degree glorious days we were *ahem* blessed with rain today. Unfortunately, nobody gave me the memo that dear mother sent out. So I wore flats to class this morning, like most every other day, and by the time I was walking out of the building it was raining cold rain. My poor feet/shoes. It was not pretty. Luckily my Marine husband has lots of classy green, wool socks which I quickly pulled onto my numb feet. I also made myself some hot chocolate. Which, lets face it, tastes way better on cold, blustery days. 


  1. i LOVE men's socks! nothing warmer. and i hate wearing flats on cold days. sucks.

  2. love em too! be married is the best, you get warm socks outta the deal :)