19 April, 2011

sometimes people are nice.

Dan and I have decided to go Vegetarian for the week and see how it goes. Dan loves vegetables, I'm Switzerland on the subject. I wish I loved vegetables, I mean, they're good for you, but if I'm being honest, I have the taste buds of a 7 year old. Anyway, we've been having a lot of meat in our diet lately like steak, mmmm. And we are trying to cut back. Yesterday was our first day and since we didn't have a chance to go grocery shopping we just had salad with some naan. Very vegetarian of us. Well since I have been so good with my salad and all I decided I deserved french fries for lunch -- still technically vegetarian, right? Just not healthy. All of this leads me to the fact that I went to Chili's To Go for a side of fries. I ordered them (with a side of ranch because that's how you eat french fries, duh) and she gave them to me and said "Have a nice day." When I explained that I hadn't paid yet she said "Eh, have a nice day." Which completely restored my faith in the kindness of humanity seeing as it was destroyed on Sunday when husband and I walked out to go to church and we see the right side of my car completely dented. With no little note on the windshield containing insurance information. Nope. Just a hit and run. So, thank you Chili's for making my day, I knew patronized you for a reason.

Also, anyone have any super yummy Vegetarian recipes they want to share?

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