16 April, 2011

bowlin, bowlin, bowlin

I love bowling. Maybe because I'm not all that bad at it, I mean I'm not a pro but I usually get a couple strikes a game, that's good, right? We did the all you can bowl deal at Ten Pin and then came home and watched Buffy. Dan introduced me to Buffy and I am a little obsessed right now (I wasn't allowed to watch it as a kid, along with Rugrats and Sabrina the Teenage Witch -- blame my parents ;) I also signed up for classes today and luckily I got up early and looked over my list of classes to add otherwise I would've missed the huge mistake my advisor made by not giving me a seminar (research) class next semester. And I really thought I had found the one advisor I could trust... guess there are none. Oh well, that's why you always leave a note. Arrested Development, anyone?


  1. i wasn't allowed to watch rugrats, either! apparently angelica was a bad influence on me.

  2. Ya, Rugrats for the inappropriate behavior, Sabrina for the witch craft, and Buffy for I guess the vampire slaying?? :) Oh well, I don't think I missed much from the first two, but Buffy is addicting!