26 April, 2011

thank you yet again, Chili's

Dress/Sweater: Target, Shoes: Payless
hair sticking to neck = #1 reason why i hate humidity
Note the cat attempting to forage for the empty tuna can in the background. Classy, Houston. 
It is humid. 
To be fair, I am in the south so I guess I should've seen that coming. I prefer my dry-er heat back in California but seeing as my brilliant idea of going back to the sunshine state (or is that Florida?) didn't go over well with my husband or my summer class schedule I guess I'll be roughing it in this wet, sticky heat. You probably won't see my hair down again for the next 4 months.
Better news: when we were trying to assemble items for margaritas last night we could not find sugar crystals for the rim of my glass. When we stopped by Chili's to pick me up some fries (yes, I know, I have a problem) I asked the nice girl at the counter where they got the sugar crystals for their strawbery margaritas. She didn't know the precise location but she did go grab my a take home cup FULL of sugar crystals that taste like vanilla! Oh. My. Lord.  I have decided that there is no other way to drink a diet pepsi than to have vanilla flavored sugar crystals on the rim. Seriously, try it. It will change your life.


  1. i LOVE houston's saggy belly! such a fat, handsome man!! hahahaha.

  2. he is getting so fat! he eats all the food that athena leaves in her bowl... chubs

  3. ooohhhh!! I love that dress! I was looking at it the other day, it looks great on you :)

  4. Thanks! I love it, super comfortable. I didn't read the wash instructions though and put it through the dryer so it shrunk a little but it's still great :)