25 April, 2011

Easter Monday

Dress: Anthropologie, Sweater: f21, Sandals: f21

Daniel works for the government and they get weird holidays, so instead of getting Friday off, he got today, Monday, off. Which is pretty awesome because in between classes we went to lunch and I got to hear him do all of his lawyer-y things like prepare his client and practice his cross-examination questions.   It was so cool to get to see a bit of what he does everyday. Then after my afternoon classes we hit the park to feed the turtles. And then he showed off for me -- or maybe he was training for his next physical fitness test. We'll never know. 
Also, Athena (the cat) is sitting on the arm of our overstuffed chair, scratching the television in an attempt to scratch the monkeys jumping around making noise. She is a genius. 

p.s. do you have ABC stores in your state? We can't buy hard liquor, like tequila for margaritas, anywhere but at the ABC store. The liquor laws here are a bit extreme but we've gotten used to most of them. For example, you can't buy beer before noon on Sundays, in other words: "go to church you drunk." Today however, today no alcohol can be purchased because it is Easter Monday. I thought Jesus rose on the third day.


  1. LOL! rexburg is a "dry city" so you can't buy hard liquor anywhere in city limits. crazy, right? not that we ever try to, but still. and i really like dan's shoes...they're dorky, but in a really adorable way. you two are just perfect. two peas in a pod.

  2. He is like a bona fide San Francisco hippie. Or at least that's what everyone out here thinks we are.

  3. HAHA! i get that a lot here, too. it's all these glen beck fans...they just
    can't handle us liberals from the bay area. lol.

    p.s. i miss you and i want to come see you as soon as a i graduate.

  4. PLEASE come visit. I would love that! Seriously, love.