21 May, 2011

I could be a bond girl now.

This skirt came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited to wear it. I got dressed and upon showing my outfit to Daniel he responded: "It's got a kind of Indiana Jones chic thing going, huh?" 
What? Indiana Jones? Leave it to the boy. 
Well, I took that as a compliment because, who doesn't like Indiana Jones? Plus, we were going to the Aquarium and that's always an adventure, Indie would be proud. It was pretty cool. I love underwater creatures, they seem so foreign. It didn't take long, maybe an hour and we still had plenty of daytime left so we decided to go to the gun range. Yep, the gun range. Dan has two guns, a pistol and a rifle, and he's asked me a few times if I wanted to try out the pistol and each time I have been very wary to do it. I don't like guns, I don't like what they represent, and I don't like what they are capable of. That being said, I was not completely comfortable having a weapon in my house and not be able to operate it or at least disassemble it. 
So we went. And guys, I cried. Yep, I'm pathetic. 
You go in with ear plugs in because most likely people are already shooting but it doesn't completely muffle the sound. It's still very loud and very scary. It's completely safe but the closest I've ever been to a gun is through the television. It freaked me out. It was so loud. Dan offered to leave but, I mean, we had already paid and Herringtons Burkharts are winners. So I stayed. I even shot it a couple times. And I learned how to use it and take it apart. I probably won't go back but I definitely feel more comfortable having the gun in my house now that I know how it works. And that was the whole point. Glad that's over. ;)

p.s. Dan never keeps the gun loaded and/or assembled in the house and they are locked up at all times. He takes every precaution for safety. Also, he's a Marine so I figure it comes with the territory. 


  1. omg, i would have been the same way at a gun range place. david once asked if i would be all right with him going hunting "with the guys" and i started crying and told him i didn't feel comfortable being touched by hands that were capable of killing an animal. maybe dramatic, but still. i don't like guns/hunting/shooting.

  2.  Ya, I would never go hunting. Ever. I was definitely out of my element but I am kinda glad that I did it, ya know? But I think it was a once in a lifetime kinda deal for me :)