23 May, 2011

messy eater

Sweater: Forever 21, Shorts: AE, Glasses: UO

I am going to live in these shorts this summer.
I used to hate shorts for a plethora of reasons but this humidity leads people to do crazy things. Like, drink sweet tea. Ride a bike in a bikini. Or, in my case, buy shorts. These ones are pretty hard not to like though. Ridiculously comfortable. 
Also, that shirt? I didn't start out wearing that. We went to Panera for lunch, I got the soup in a bread bowl, and when attempting to scrape some sourdough yumminess onto my spoon, "sploosh!" broccoli cheddar soup all over my shirt. I'm a class act. 

P.S. I got tired of waiting to change out Dan's glasses so I just bought a pair of my own. Best purchase ever.  


  1. Love the shorts! I used to hate shorts too, but then people started wearing them with tights and I ended up buying a ton of them!  

  2. thanks lovely! I like the tights/shorts thing too, too bad it's summer and tights are usually necessary :)