03 May, 2011

i think about you more than i think i should

It's finals week. I can't believe the semester is already over; it has gone by so fast! It's actually perfect. See, last week Dan had his hell-week with a big case and tons of work, so I took care of most of the housework and cooking so he would be able to just work and relax in a calm, neat space. This week is my week and Monday morning Daniel said "Don't worry about doing anything, I'll take care of the dishes and food -- you just focus on your finals. And when you take a break, don't take a break and do the dishes. Actually take a break." Ha! I loved it. I do tend to "break" by tidying up. I don't know where I picked up that habit, my mom would be dumbfounded if she saw my cleaning anything voluntarily. Anyway, I love that Dan and I get to take care of each other when things are crazy. That's love. 


  1. What an adorable t-shirt! xo.

  2. thanks! it was on sale at American Eagle. :)