28 June, 2011

chicken coop skirt


 I adore this skirt. My sister got me this vintage skirt quite a few years ago for my birthday and the zipper promptly broke and the waist was too small. Since I had little to no sewing skills prior to this year I just wore it with some safety pins keeping it shut (classy, I know). But today, today, I conquered the zipper. I shortened the skirt, added a new waistband, and sewed on a couple of buttons. But guys, I installed a zipper. My life is forever changed. Seriously, I am so proud. It's not perfect work but I've resigned myself to the fact that I will never be the perfect seamstress. Aren't the roosters fabulous? 

p.s. That beautiful steamer trunk? Stinks to high heaven. Seriously, I think God can smell it and he is not amused. Probably has a close pin shutting his nose. We're working on it though. Hopefully the mothball smell will fade with time.


  1. Brandilyn HaynesJune 28, 2011 at 7:26 PM

    i love that skirt SO MUCH!! you did so great with it!!

  2. Me too! Come visit me and you can borrow it!

  3. Fabulous job conquering the zipper! Very cute skirt. :-)

  4. Thanks, lovely! I'm not gonna lie, that zipper made me feel like a million bucks!