29 June, 2011

summer showers

My hair may or may not have been curly today. Not anymore. 
What do you wear when you have to walk to school in the pouring rain and 85˚ heat? Why, shorts and rain boots of course. Seriously, people were staring and all I was thinking was, "Do they make warm-weather rain boots?" The great thing about rain boots is that there is no need to avoid big puddles. In fact, walking through them and making mini tidal waves is highly satisfying and I recommend it. Oh, you don't have freak rainstorms that bring down 100 inches of rain in an hour during your summer months? Just count yourself lucky then.


  1. I've never been in weather like that, so I can't really comment on it, but it sounds awful! I love rain, but rain and hot weather at the same time must be unpleasant. :/

  2. The answer to your question is yes, they do make warm weather rain gear: http://usa.hunter-boot.com/2/Product-Search/Product-Search.aspx?pro=all 

    Check out the ballerina flats and the wedges!  I really want a pair.  They are sold at some discount online shoe places like Zappos and 6pm.

  3. It's VERY unpleasant haha! I'm not used to it. California, at least the area I am from, is similar to desert conditions - super dry and hot during the day and then cool at night. There is no relief out here lol

  4. OOOO thank you!!! Good find!