14 July, 2011


Last night we saw an amazing show. The lightning was incredible. Usually we can't see the actual bolts just the light in the clouds, but they were out in full force last night. We just sat out on our balcony bench and waited for the sky to light up. Sometimes it's just really nice to sit next to someone in silence and watch nature do her thing. The universe astounds me with its beauty.


p.s. sorry the photos are so poor quality, they are just screen images from the video :)


  1. Beautiful! 

    I have always wanted to photograph a lightning storm but I'm too chicken :)  You've inspired me to give it a try! 

  2. Haha, now you've got me wondering if it was dangerous to have my camera outside during the storm, lol. Oh well, I survived. :)

  3. oh my goodness, those are some amazing lightning pics.  i looove lightning and thunder.

  4. WOW. ive always tried to photograph lightening storms, to no avail. screenshots of a video are brilliant! love these images. they are so stunning. 


  5. Thanks! Ya, I was pretty happy with how they turned out. After a couple attempts at actually shooting the lightning I gave up and just started filming -- it was an afterthought that I should grab the shot on my computer (I even learned a new trick with my Mac on how to do screen grabs!)

  6. I love them, too! We get way more storms out here in N Carolina than we did in California, so that's one point for the south :)