13 July, 2011

on the telly

The good news is, Gilmore Girls almost never disappoints. Except when Rory sleeps with her married ex-boyfriend. That was a lame episode. 

Alright, t.v. has amazed me this week:

First, Ryan and Tatum O'Neal have a show on the O Network (which, btw, is addicting) and he is crazy. He makes me so incredibly happy and grateful that God gave me the Dad I have. For instance, when talking to his therapist he said: "She [Tatum] got left at the curb but I always said just stay at the curb, I'll be back." WTF? What kind of dad leaves there child at a curb, either figurative or literal? Answer: A crappy one. That's like parenting 101. 

Second, I watched a rerun of The Bachelorette online and she was having a one-on-one with some guy named Lucas who said: "I'm not the type of guy who gives up on anything, ever" in response to Ashley's question "How do you keep the passion alive?" moments after he discloses that the reason he and his wife divorced was because the love and passion were gone. What makes Ashley different from his ex-wife? Needless to say, he got a rose. 

On a positive note, a favorite rerun was on the tube today, brownie points if you can tell me what it's from: "Now there are a hundred of you and I'm the king!"


  1. it's the episode of friends where ross picture rachel naked, right? because it's his right as her ex-boyfriend? hahaha

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of Gilmore Girls. One of my all-time faves, to be sure, but I remember cringing SO HARD throughout that entire episode, begging Rory not to do it. It was an awkward time.

  3. That's friends, baby! "I can see you naked whenever I want." Haha. And yes, The Bachelorette is turning out to be pretty lame. And yes, the with the exception of that one episode (and much of the final season) Gilmore Girls is unfailingly funny. Miss your mind, friend. We need to Skype soon. I'll send you a Facebook message, too, but how about next weekend?