01 July, 2011


I got another job! I give you three guesses but I'm pretty sure you'll only need one, two if you aren't quick on the uptake. The YMCA! If you just did the obligatory dance that comes along with saying those four letters out loud then we should be best friends because we're nerds who love to party. I get to work with kids, ages 4-12, at the YMCA summer camp. I'll only be there in the wee hours of the morning when they first arrive but I have no doubt that they'll leave their impression on me as almost every little one I've ever interacted with has. I love working with kids and I've been doing it since I was eleven or twelve or some ridiculously young age; an age at which I had no business watching a young child, but I was cheap and people with kids tend to be poor which means we were a perfect match. My rate as a twelve-year old was about the same as the minimum wage I'll get out here in North Carolina but who's counting? Not me. I have a second job and I can't wait to meet these kids!

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  1. Catching up on blog reading (and all other real life activities I've missed for the last two weeks). Congrats on the job(s)! And the skirt is adorable. And I'd kill for a trunk like that! Minus the smell. And you're right... God can smell it. He mentioned it during our last convo, and asked that I encourage you gently to find a way to freshen the smell. Ummmm... potpourri? Also, loved your language entry. Now that I've lived on the other side of the language barrier, I have an absolute respect for America's willingness to make the lives of its immigrants easier. Word, sister! Let's Skype soon. :-)