24 July, 2011

real quick

The next few days I'll be cleaning the old apartment and unpacking the new one (which is so much better!), so I'm not sure that I'll post much, partly because I'll be busy and partly because how interesting can cleaning and unpacking be? I'm thinking, not very. But I just wanted to show you what might be my favorite part about our new apartment: our view. 
Old apartment = KMart. New apartment = nature. 
We win.

p.s. If you are looking for something to listen to that will brighten your day. Hanson, Give A Little. Ya, Hanson. Go do it. Dance, sing, enjoy. Your welcome.


  1. I miss you, Rachel!  Your new apartment looks FABULOUS (at least the VIEW does!)  I know packing is a drag, but moving is IMHO the BEST way to purge one's life of unnecessary items and really get back to having only what you need.  We used to move about every three years or so when I was young and I get the three year itch to purge even still!  Unfortunately, John NEVER moved until college and does NOT have the urge to purge. :(  He follows me around and UNpurges, as a matter of fact.  He has been known to go to the church garage sale and buy BACK our stuff.  (roll eyes)  At any rate, happy unpacking and happy setting up your new home.

    By the way, what happened to your Facebook?  You never mentioned leaving--just slyly got the hell out of Dodge.  I'm sure you had good reasons, because you are Rachel--I was just curious...

  2. Please take us on a tour of your new place! You can wait until you're unpacked if you MUST.  But hurry! I want to see!

  3. I definitely will! I may even make a video :)

  4. I have LOVED the purging aspect of moving (though, I hated the sweaty, humid physical part of moving). I left facebook temporarily. I will probably be back soon. I was simply spending too much time on it and needed to have the distraction gone :)

  5. ohmygosh i love that new hanson song. have you seen the video? it's pure gold. plus they turned into total babes. 

  6. I have seen the music video, it plays at the store I work in all the time! Love it :)