18 August, 2011

god bless you

I work with little kids. Kids are dirty. I expect to get dirty while working with little kids. After any shift working at the Y Summer camp I want to take a shower. Their little hands have been all over me and I have seen how well these kids wash their hands after a trip to the bathroom (gross). I am not an overly clean person but 50+ kids and all their germs? You get the picture, showers are needed. But yesterday took the cake. One little girl brought a brush and wanted to play with my hair so we sat down in the gym and she began to (with her dirty little fingers) work with my hair. I am actually enjoying it; I love when people play with my hair (I always ask Dan to scratch my head and he thinks its weird but he'll do it). 
Then I hear it, "AaaaCHhhooo!" 
I freeze a little and ask, "Hey sweetie, did you cover your mouth when you sneezed?"
 "Uh-huh, I did," she responded. 
Molly, my co-counselor, laughs and says, "Ya, she covered her mouth, with your hair!"
Oh gosh, so gross. But what could I do? I still had 4 hours left in my shift. Mmmm sneeze juice in my hair for four more hours. Thanks sweetie :)


  1. Love this entry.  Totally agree- Judy Specht

  2. Thanks for reading, Judy!