22 August, 2011

my blog. my show.

Blog Name

Back in high school I was a theatre kid. You know, theatre class, high school productions, community productions, dreams of fame. My best friend and I always had a flair for the dramatic. We would crawl across the room channeling Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, we would yell "This is Nazi Germany!" at the horrible yard duties who wouldn't let us go to our cars after our campus closed -- we were nuts and, when we get together, still are. 

Well, our favorite movie of all time was "Get Over It." If you haven't seen it you need to. It's got a dream cast: Kirsten Dunst, Ben Foster, Mila Kunis, Shane West, and the incredible Martin Short as Dr. Desmond Forrest Oates.

Oh yeah, and Sisqó. Sisqó, people. Enough said. 

Anyway, they are doing A Midsummer Nights Rockin' Eve, a musical all the while the movie is based on A Mid Summer Night's Dream. At one point the lead male in the musical gets pummeled by a huge sand bag and his leg breaks. 

Theatre is his life. 

So, as he is rolled out on a gurney by the paramedics he yells, "This is my theatre, my show! Forrest Oates is my special buddy!" It gets us every time. 

So when I was considering blogging I was trying to figure out what to name the blog. Of course I went to my best friend, and blogging guru, for some naming advice and she says, "My Theatre! My Show!" And it was just too good to pass up.

I tweaked it to My Blog so people wouldn't confuse this for a theatre/actor blog and the rest, as they say, is history. So thanks, Bran. I think I'll keep you around. 


  1. see, because if you go with your instinct, and reverse it, i think we have something happening. i love you!!

  2. Keep icing your front bum! Icing reduces swelling and I need you! Not really.