23 August, 2011

Way to Go, Paula!

Remember that scene from An Officer and A Gentleman when Richard Gere strides in to Paula's workplace and rescues her from a life in a factory? Well, yesterday was just like that for me. Except Dan didn't rescue me from my factory line job. But he did stride into American Eagle carrying some pretty yellow flowers in the middle of the day. And he's an officer, so he's just like Richard Gere. 
 Yesterday on my way to work my car started giving me trouble. When stopped at a red light, with my foot on the brake, instead of idling like normal that little Cavalier just died. In the middle of the street, died. So, I  quickly popped it into neutral started the car and kept driving when the light turned green. Then another red light came and it happened again. Then the major thoroughfare was reduced from four lanes to two lanes and you can imagine that my Chevy did not want to cooperate in stop and go traffic. Nope, not at all. During all this I had called Dan freaking out. My side of the conversation went something like this: "This is a devil-car! I am going to die!!!" Told you I had a flair for the dramatic. His response was much more calm, "Alright, I'm leaving now. Can you pull over in a gas station and call work to see if someone can pick you up?" Gosh, so logical. I felt so relieved to have him on his way that I instantly relaxed. Somehow I maneuvered my car into an Exxon parking lot and called AE. About two hours into my shift husband comes walking in with flowers. But instead of carrying me out of the factory, I took my ten minute break and we got an Auntie Anne's pretzel. What a perfect ending to an Officer and a Gentleman Part Deux. A more perfect ending would be that my car gets out of the garage for under $100 dollars, but who are we kidding this is real life. 

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