26 August, 2011

What does one wear to a Hurricane?

Its going to rain like crazy here this weekend. Irene is supposed to make land fall north of us so we should be relatively safe and the good news is, Sunday is supposed to be sunny with clear skies. All we have to do is make it through the next couple days! It's actually kind of hard to believe in this Hurricane. I mean, they have been talking about it for well over a week. All those weird maps on the weather channel with the circular white mess moving in the general direction of the South seem to make a strong case that this is very real. However, the past few days have been sunny and humid. Just like normal. I guess it really is the calm before the storm. I know that this Hurricane can to a lot of damage and if people aren't careful and don't heed the warnings they could be in a lot of trouble. But still, it seems strangely surreal to me. We weren't in town last year for Hurricane season so it's our first real experience. I'm used to Earthquakes. I know what to do in the case of major shaking, but flooding? I'm thinking about investing in a raft, just in case. Or a kayak. But you want to know what's really frustrating? It's going to rain like crazy but still be about 80 degrees. Gross. This makes getting dressed in the morning sound very unappealing. But I do. I put clothes on. But its against my better judgement. 

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