07 September, 2011

Imma be a little ambitious today.

Its all wrinkly but you get the idea :)

Today's list of to-dos:
Go to school.
Make a skirt. 
Write an essay. 
Pack for Georgia. 

Yep, we are going to Georgia this weekend. One of Dan's best friends is graduating from Army training so we wanted to go and support him! And, I wanted to wear a cute black skirt to the ceremony. Unfortunately, I didn't have one. So I decided to make one. How Andie Walsh of me (name that movie). I really like it! It's not perfect -- nothing I make ever is -- but it totally works and is pretty much exactly what I imagined it would look like. 
I'm thinking I might do a little tutorial as to how I did it... It really wasn't that hard. If you are at all familiar with a sewing machine you can do it. It does take a zipper though... we'll see. Let me know if you are interested though, because I would probably do it even if only one person wants to see how its done (though, it might take me a little while to get it all accomplished)
Anyway, off to Georgia tomorrow!


  1. Oooh okay! Its really easy. But you know, why don't I just fly out there and show you? Or you could come to me. Just kidding. But seriously. I'll put up a tutorial. :)