30 September, 2011

its so dang hot. milk was a bad choice.

The trees are changing! Well, some of them are. And I didn't notice until I was editing this picture. I'm oblivious to life sometimes, guys.
It might have something to do with the fact that the History building has been without A/C for the past three days and melting in class with sweat dripping down your face seems like something one would do in Summer, not Fall. 
However, we are not allowed to complain because, as my German History professor told us: 

"In Nazi occupied Poland, when the universities were closed down, the POlish students would meet in basements by candlelight for their education. What do you have to do for yours? Deal with some heat?" 

We shut up pretty quickly. What can you say to that?
First world* problems? 

*I think that term is technically wrong these days. Governments have stopped using the term 'third world' because it's slightly deragatory. They refer to nations as developed or underdeveloped. I think. I read it somewhere. Or a teacher told me. All valid sources I'm sure. 

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