27 September, 2011

today in my world

Mild Annoyances:
(because you always want the bad news first)
- It was hot and humid and I decided to wear boots and a sweater. AND the AC was off in my building. Mmmm. Sweaty feet. Yummy.
- I think I just got my first C on a test at UNCW. Which might actually be my first C on a test in College. It doesn't feel good. Definitely not as good as an A. 
- Cramps. They suck. 

- My best friend is pregnant! She is with child. She is going to be a mommy. And how ADORABLE is that announcement picture. TOO MUCH. I love you, Brandilyn!
- My hair is just about long enough to put in a high bun again. Woot!
- I get to hang out with some wonderful ladies tonight AND it includes ice cream. Win.

We're gonna chalk that up to a good day. 

(Still working on that focus thing haha)

1 comment:

  1. thank you thank you rachie!! i'm so excited for you to be auntie rachel. for reals though...move in with me and be my nanny?? also...aren't you LOVING the d3100?! i took our boot pictures in manual (!) last night and the camera made it so easy to play with and see what works.