27 October, 2011

hooky, the lame kind

I played hooky today. But not in a fun way. If I played hooky the fun way I would be in Raleigh right now shopping at the nearest H&M. But I'm not. 
I'm sitting at this desk working on my research paper.
I don't like missing class (and I'm missing four of them) but with five other classes to concentrate on this poor little paper has gotten the shove. 
I didn't forget about it though. Nope, I've been stressing for about three weeks. So I decided that a day off to focus on it was necessary and I was right. I have a clearly stated question, a general outline of what I want, a plan of attack, and tons of sources to scour through. 
It's good. It's time consuming. It's tedious. 
I just remember being here and here last semester. And all I want in the world right now is to be here. Actually, I want to be here. But I don't think that's an option. 

1 comment:

  1. blergh, i've totally played that kind of hooky before. productive, but not nearly as fun as the sleeping kind or the day trip kind. happy paper writing!