28 November, 2011


Well, I took a break from writing papers (one is finished and due tomorrow, another is halfway done and due Thursday, and another I haven't finished the book yet and it's due Friday... fab) and made an advent calendar. My family never really did this growing up -- we may have had one of those paper calendars with candy in the boxes at one point, but it wasn't a tradition or anything. 
This year Dan and I are staying in Wilmington for the Christmas holiday, which has its ups and downs but I am trying to stay as optimistic about the prospect as possible. 
How does one stay optimistic? One stays busy
So, our advent calendar is filled with activities for us to do everyday leading up to Christmas (pick out a tree, read Luke 2:1-21, watch "It's a Wonderful Life, donate canned goods, etc.). I needed to pick out some cute idea for an advent calendar, something that I could make on the cheap, and there were tons of great ideas on pinterest: 

This one is adorbs
I love the socks in this one.
My bff made this cute calendar!
I liked this one but magnets baffle me. (as in I don't want to hunt them down.)
This one was sleek and sophisticated (neither of which describes me and Dan ;)
I heart clothespins in any form
Aaannd if I had a bajillion hours on my hands -- this would be AMAZING. 300 Buttons!

Alas, while all of those were darling, my heart fluttered at this one. 

I checked out the product on the etsy site and quickly determined that I could make this myself. Got my coupon for Joann's and bought some white kona cotton and various lace details and voila! (After 4 hours of sweat and toil) We have an advent calendar!

It's not perfect but who am I kidding, until I have a rotary cutter and pad none of my lines will be straight. None of them. But I love it and can't wait to get crackin' on these activities with my love! 

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