02 December, 2011


I got a text a couple days ago from my Grandma:

"Hi Rachie, I mailed a package today. You should receive it Friday. Love you, Grams"

Well, first of all I LOVE getting packages (who doesn't!?) but then it came early. Like, yesterday. Which was Thursday. Not Friday. 
And then I opened it. 
And the tears started flowing (many of you might know how tearful I have been lately and might question the legitimacy of my tears, but these ones were good tears! I think that gives them a bit more validity.)
Grandma had given us two gorgeous stockings -- like the stockings that had always hung in the houses of my grandma, mom and aunt. The stockings that had been at every Christmas as far back as I remember. 
What a beautifulgift. Christmas here just got a little more homey. 

Top that off with the two cards Grams sent (one with some money for a date with husband) and the sweetest hand-drawn-Charlie-Brown-Thanksgiving-card ever from my kid sister, Annie (who's not really a kid anymore but an honest-to-goodness grown-up stunner). Well, I'm not sure a girl can feel more loved by her family than I did yesterday. 

Seriously, I am so blessed

How gorgeous are those stockings?!
Christmas is here!!!

p.s. my gorgeous sister can draw, no?

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  1. Are those cross-stitched?! If so, I can relate; somewhat. I started cross-stitching a few weeks ago (don't laugh) and it's so tedious, but somewhat fun!