20 December, 2011

aaaaand break!

It is officially Winter Break! And, while everyone else is updating their twitters and facebooks about their arrivals home, Dan and I are staying put for the holidays. Which, really, hasn't been as bad as I thought (so far). Last year, while fun and wonderful to see everyone, was pretty stressful on the both of us. We are both looking forward to a quiet, relaxing Christmas with each other. That is not to say that we won't miss our families terribly (I've forewarned Dan that tears are likely to be shed on Christmas morn), but everyone needs down time. And after this semester three weeks of solid relief sounds just about perfect.

How did my semester end? How sweet of you to ask. Well, I got through finals week, which was no where near as stressful as the two weeks of essays previous, and the final score was five A's and one A- (or, as dad called it, an "Asian F"). I took six classes this semester and got nothing less than an A-. I'm pretty proud. And exhausted. A couple of my classmates who are familiar with my stress-outs (like freak-outs but FUNNER) mocked me for my anxiety with every little grade in the class. Well, it was all worth it I tell you! 
Dan says that Law School stress is going to be a billion times worse than this stress. He says I'm probably going to need daily counseling just to get through it. I asked him if he was going to be absent for those three years. He just smiled. I think that meant yes. 

Anyway, the past few days I've been working on a present for my beautiful bff. I'll post pictures after she gets it. I can't wait! Also, reading. And not any books on the Prussian Parliament, the Spanish Civil War, or Europe in the 19th century. Nope. I'm in for some good ole pleasure readin' -- The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It's pretty obscure; you've probably never heard of it. 


  1. Merry Christmas to you both!!!

  2. I'm sad that you're not in Livermore with me, but I'm glad you're getting some much needed rest!