29 February, 2012

Katharine pants.

sweater, pants: f21; loafers: Madewell; necklace: AE

Whenever I wear these pants I simultaneously feel like an old lady and Katharine Hepburn (I usually imagine her as an awesome woman journalist, too). 

I generally try to channel Katharine as I stride through the halls of Morton although I'm about five inches shorter than her so when I stride I look like a little kid trying to jump from puddle to puddle. I think I intimidate people. Or scare them. Same thing. 

Also, those shoes? Final birthday-money present to myself. And thebestthingever. Leather loafers = most comfortable shoe ever. 

p.s. I gave into my urges and bought a crap load of awesome postcards today so I could make this over the weekend. Be excited. I sure am.