15 February, 2012

window shopping

I've been contemplating my wardrobe. I'm generally confused by it (seriously, I usually stare at it in bewilderment for about 15 minutes each morning before I even try anything on). It's a veritable hodgepodge of various items that may or may not have (almost) all been impulse buys. I have a couple of pieces that I love and others I never wear. I've been really good at not buying things spontaneously lately. 

I've been trying to consider each piece and figure out whether its a good purchase or not. How often will I wear it? What does it go with that I already have in my closet? What is the quality of the item? 

When I got these Frye boots I almost kicked myself after. How could I spend that much money on a pair of shoes?! But after having them for the past 4 months and wearing them more times than I can count I realized what a smart purchase they were. It was an investment and I won't have to buy another pair of boots like those for years. 

So my revelation (and I realize I'm late to the party) is that I need to stop buying tons of items because they are cheap and start investing in fewer, more expensive items that will last me a long time and I'll get a lot of good use out of. 

I'm turning 24 (woot! birthdays are the best days!) in a few days and I don't think that my closet adequately represents who I am. Unless you count the mess on the floor of the closet, which is actually a pretty accurate description of my life. 
I graduate in a few months. I'll be applying to Law Schools in the next year. I have ambitions for my career and future and the impact I want to make on the world and, as silly as it sounds, I want to look as put together as my plan is. 

So, I've been window shopping and I am drawn to classic lines and simple outfits. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the bohemian, funky, whimsical styles but I don't think that those are day in and day out me. Though maybe they can be thrown in sporadically as I choose. But for now I am focusing on basics. And these are the basic things I would like to see in my closet. Now, please. (If I only had a genie... or a billion dollars).

p.s. If I did have a billion dollars I think I would get this trench instead. 


  1. Any ideas about which law schools you want to apply to?

  2. Hey! We'll be back in California and hopefully in the Bay Area so my dream schools are UC Berkeley (your alma mater!) and Stanford, but I'll apply to Davis and Hastings also. Maybe a few others, we'll see how good my LSAT score is lol

    1. Good luck! I'm sure you'll get into great schools. I must say, you're brave for considering the UC system right now; the budget crisis has not been kind to it.

  3. Those are fabulous pieces you have on your list. No doubt window shopping will be a breeze if one is on the lookout for those rare finds!

  4. Ah, some pieces that are worth buying. Thanks for sharing this brilliant article. Shoppers can truly learn a lot from your sense of style.