02 March, 2012

casual friday

tee, loafers: madewell; jeans: target

Who am I kidding? Everyday is casual for a student. 
Which is one of the many reasons that I would like to stay a student forever. 

True Confessions: that is yesterday's hair... and I went for a 3.75 mile run yesterday. 
Because, let's be honest, I don't always shower every day (shocker, I know) but I generally shower after I work out. Because, as much as I love that dried-sweat, salty feel that your skin gets after a good run I also know that no one appreciates the smell.

I know someone (I might even be related to her) who I'm pretty sure reasoned herself into not showering for going on four days. FOUR DAYS. It went something like this: 

"Well, I thought I'm just going to work out in the morning and then I was like,Well, I'm going on a bike ride with a friend tonight and then I was working out again the next morning... so, I just didn't shower for a while. My hair was matted nast."

And, that's who we Herringtons are.

also, I'm never taking these shoes off my feet. Husband might complain that it hurts more when I kick him in my sleep. That's not my problem.  


  1. i needneedneed matching shoes! every time i see a picture of them my want increases.

    1. Bran, I ALMOST got them in the turquoise color but then was like, no, I need the neutrals. And now I want both. argh. :)

  2. Cute outfit girl! And I seem to always be rocking yesterday's hair! Hehe!

    1. thanks! glad to know someone else does it, too :)