03 March, 2012

Mr. Darcy + a free Download

I made a little print using Word the other day when I should have been researching my paper on Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 

Oh well, I like this little addition to our apartment. 

Pride & Prejudice was one of the first classics I read. My Aunt Peggy used to get us all books as gifts and one year I got the teen edition of Jane Austen's famous novel. I read the original version later in life and it was pretty much the same thing. 

I'm not really sure what was so teen-ish about it.

Anyway, I love this line from the movie (I'm not even sure it's actually in the book). 

Plus, it looks so pretty next to the Sunflowers Dan brought me the other night. 

Want to Download it? 
(there should be a 'file' dropbox - click 'download')

I just had mine printed at a Walmart. It is an 11x14 :)

Old Frame: $20, Mat: $5, Print: $6
Total: $31 

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