30 March, 2012

He was a good one so I snatched him up

I love that I still learn new things about Dan. I mean, not everyday. I feel like constantly learning new things would be very overwhelming (and just a little scary, like, woah do I know you?). But learning new things every once in a while is endearing, folks. It just is. For instance, I learned THREE new things about Dan on our little southern adventure. 

1. Boy likes antiquing. Which may not be weird for all of you who married hipsters but this guy hates shopping. He just doesn't like it. So when he wandered into an antique shop in Savannah, and then another... I was like. Damn. That's hot. 

2. He's scared of heights. He had told me that before but I didn't really believe him (he's jumped out of a plane before!). I mean, he's a marine. Suck it up, Marine! But then we were up on the deck of a lighthouse and he was not a happy camper and all I wanted to do was hug him. So I did. After we went back inside the lighthouse. 

3. He's says really awesome feminist things like "You see, I really struggle with that because it's inherently anti-woman." And then I was like, take me. I'm yours. And I ruined all my feminist cred (which you get from simply saying you're a feminist, duh). But maybe the fact that I married a feminist makes up for it?

And that's the amazing man I married. I think it's love, guys. 


  1. Men can be feminists too, heck yeah! :) Good choice of husbands ;)

    1. I never saw this comment! I think male feminists are awesome :)