22 March, 2012

p.s. what I wore on vacation

I am always at a loss for how to pack. I am the chronic over-packer and I hate that. Before our great southern adventure I had read this article on Cup of Jo (who I love. seriously, girl crush). The tip was simple: pack varieties of blues and whites (so that you can mix and match) and have a great statement dress (she used red and I loved it so much that I did the same) for some fun.
So, I went with that advice and I must say: I used every single piece I brought with me AND it was really easy to do. So, without further ado, here is the rundown of what I wore on vacay. 

Cardigan, sandals: Target; Dress: American Eagle; Belt: Thrifted
Button-up, Hat: Forever 21; Jeggings: American Eagle, Sandals: Target 
Oversized shirt/dress: Forever 21 (SO comfortable)
Dress: J Crew, Hat: Forever 21, Sandals: Target
Dress: Francesca's Collection; Sandals: Target
 Pretty simple, and just what I needed. Perfect advice.

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