21 March, 2012

we saw The Boss

 It was pretty epic. Probably the only time I've used the adjective 'epic' and knew that it was a proper use of the word. The pictures kinda suck because the people at the coliseum HATE ME and wouldn't let me take in our good camera. So we sneaked in our crappy camera (always have a plan B. similar to always leave a note!)

ANYWAY it was amazing. His new album is good, but I almost died during the last 30 minutes when he pretty much only played songs from his Born to Run album. 

And he was way energetic. I felt tired just from dancing in my little row but Springsteen was running all over the stage, dancing, jumping up onto things, jumping back off of them, kissing his hot wife (who is also in the band), and playing like, well, like The Boss. 

If I had a bucket list this would have been on the top of it. Shoot maybe I'll make one now just so I can cross this one off and know that I can die happy. 

And then we woke up at four in the morning and drove three hours to get to work and school. So worth it. 
He slid across the stage, guys. The man is a sex machine. 

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