08 March, 2012

spring break cannot come soon enough

Dress/sweater: Target, Flats: Payless, Belt: thrifted 

This has been a very intense week. I had a couple big assignments + a midterm due before Spring Break next week. I've been staying up late and getting up early and I am exhausted to say the least. 

My dreams about our fabulous vacation/road trip for Spring Break have been pushing me on - there is an end in sight! We are both looking forward to a week of relaxation. It is so needed. 

Fun fact: I got an article published in my school newspaper! Here is the link if you want to check it out. It's pretty cool seeing your name in print. I'm glad I submitted it. 

p.s. have you ever heard of the 7-point grading system!? I got a 90/100 on a midterm and according to this professor that's a B+. I'm a little ticked. 


  1. ok, i don't know about a 7 point grading system, but my french teacher had to adjust her grading scale because too many people were failing...so in her class, a passing grade (C-) was a 50%! that meant i ended up with a B+ when i actually had like a 68% or something. so that worked out in my favor. that 90/100 as a B+ SUCKS. this is...this is nazi germany!

    1. I'm kinda hoping they take some pity on me and curve the dang grades. I argued with them today in class (and by argued I mean negotiated) and convinced them that 90/100 is an A-. They decided to placate me :)