25 June, 2012

We stuck it out, and I think that's the moral of the story

This weekend had every opportunity for romance, spontaneity, and other cute anniversary-type adjectives. 

First, let me tell you how I made the plans. I Googled "anniversary date ideas," because the creative bones in my body are limited. The Nest had some ideas as did, what else, Pinterest. And what clich√© idea did I end up picking from their "Top 50 Ideas for a Romantic Date/Anniversary/Evening?" 

Wine Tasting.
Because we like wine. Easy enough. 

Next Google search: "wine tasting in North Carolina." 
Which led me to Grapeful Sisters Vineyard which had an Inn attached to it. Perfect. An inn. What could be more romantic? Wait for it. Glamping. Glamour Camping. 

A nice big tent. A comfortable air bed. Dinner and breakfast delivered at the appropriate hours. 
I just forgot one thing: North Carolina is flipping hot. Humid and hot. 

So we went wine tasting and then bought a bottle of wine just so we could hang out in the air conditioned tasting room for another hour or so. And then we went back to our adorable, romantic, hot as hell campsite. 

I had decided to have our steaks delivered uncooked so we could cook them over a campfire. Brilliant. More heat. 

But then we had a really nice evening watching the lightening, reading aloud to each other, and perspiring. We placed bets on who would roll over at 3 a.m. and say, "Get in the car; we're going home." 

At some point we decided that we needed to try to get some sleep. So we trudged into the sauna of a tent we rented for the evening and for the next 4 hours we tossed and turned and laughed and sweated because it was too hot to sleep. AND the little bird perched right about our site wanted a mate really badly and told us all about it all night. 

And then finally it rained. I have never been so happy for a summer rain. Cool air accompanied the rain and gave us just enough relief to fall asleep for a few glorious hours. 

We woke up and stayed around just long enough to eat fantastic stuffed french toast. And then we bolted. That hour and a half drive in our air conditioned truck was magical. 

But guys, we laughed a lot. And for that I'm really grateful. Because there really isn't a lot that's funny about sweat beads on your upper lip. I'm really glad that even when things don't go as planned we still have fun together. It may not be sexy, but we laugh anyway.

I did cry once but that was because my kindle broke. 


  1. Replies
    1. It was a lot of fun (minus the heat) and I can't wait to try again! It's worth looking into :)

  2. OH NO NOT YOUR KINDLE! PS- love this idea!

    1. I know!!! I cried for like 15 minutes over that thing. I'm seeing what I can to do to get it replaced. :(