22 June, 2012

A wee getaway

The other night we went out to Outback. We went because 1) we had a gift card and 2) it was our anniversary so we figured it was a good time to use free money. The steak was pri-tee tasty.

However, that was not our anniversary celebration. Rather, it was not our only anniversary celebration.

My mom told me about some friends of hers (looking at you, Moody's!) who take turns planning their anniversary. I thought that was a great idea so we've adopted it.

I took the first turn and I found a sweet idea online. It's a surprise for Daniel so I'll share more after the weekend. BUT I'm pretty excited about it.

Hope your weekend is grand!


  1. Glad we did something right!!! And the reason it works for us it it's a competition of sorts. You HAVE to match/top the last anniversary or you're in the doghouse. Keeps us DOING stuff. However, this year for our 25th, we have NO IDEA what we're doing or WHO is supposed to plan it. Don't become lame like us! Be WINNERS!!!!!! :) :) :)


    1. LOL Dan is going to have no problem beating this year! It's such a great way to do anniversaries, though!