27 July, 2012

busy busy in a tizzy

Life is pretty much just studying and work these days. 

I did get a new job hostessing at this awesome restaurant downtown, so, that's awesome. 

I'll have to drop one of my other jobs to accommodate but that's just fine with me as retail has gotten old fast. 

It's funny, when you don't have a system that functions Monday-Friday you stop really caring about the weekends. For instance, when school was in session I knew that I would never have to go to class Saturday and Sunday, thus weekends were something to be desired.

Now that my work schedule has infringed upon my weekends there really isn't that excitement about Friday. Except the fact that Dan gets two full days off and we get to hang out. BUT if I work on those days than I don't get to see him as much... which can be tiring. 

It's just that phase in my life right now when I work for hourly wages and personal days don't really exist. I'm working about 16 hours this weekend so you all go have some fun for me, k? Thanks.

p.s. sometimes we get to do fun things during the week like go catch the local collegiate baseball league play and eat hot dogs:

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