24 July, 2012

Sometimes studying for the LSAT gets really boring and I quilt instead

Here is an update on how my quilt is coming along.
I've cut up all the color pieces and have begun to cut the white pieces. 
I've also become quite good at Joann coupon cutting. 

I got all of my materials at Joann's because that's really the only fabric shop we have in town. It took me a while but I found fabrics that I am really pleased with. 

The yellows are killing me. I am so excited. 

I can't wait until I get to start piecing it together. I'm thinking about hand quilting vs machine quilting. 
I can't quilt this big ol' thing on my little machine so if I wanted to save money (and gain some experience) I would hand quilt it. 

Another option is to have someone with a long-arm machine quilt it for me. There are some local options for me but it's still pretty pricey. Also, expedient. They would have it done months before I would. 

We'll see. 

For now I'm just working on it when I need a study break. 

Maybe after October I'll be more excited about the actual quilting process. 

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