17 August, 2012

Frock-ful Friday

Maybe I'll start a new (original, too) Friday series. These frocks that I wear.

I've tried a couple of times to go the "fashion blogger" route. But it just didn't click.

Dan isn't super big on taking pictures outfit pictures of me (rather, he isn't big on taking 20ish outfit pictures of me. He caps out at two, which just isn't enough when you are as narcissistic as me), and I'm not big on taking pictures of myself outside. Also, I'm lazy and don't want to take pictures everyday.

Also, I usually don't think that what I wear is all that inspired.

Many days I wear the same outfit over and over because the jeans finally got comfortable (read: stretched out) and I soak it for all it's worth because at some point I'll have to wash them again.

But, here we are. I'm losing blog fodder because most of my time right now is working retail (OR at my new job hostessing!) and studying for the LSAT. And as riveting as my style isn't, it's still better than continually updating you on my logic game scores - which are getting better if you must know.

So, maybe, and don't hold me to this, maybe I'll snap a couple pictures throughout the week and then picture-vomit all over this screen once a week for ya. Does that sound nice?

p.s. those orange chinos from Eddie Bauer are the most comfortable pair of pants I own. Boyfriend fit, man.