02 November, 2012

It finally came.

Due to the Hurricane all of us LSAT takers had to wait a couple extra days to get our scores. Scores came out yesterday and I was all twisted in my stomach waiting for them.

I did a lot better than I thought. I was worried because there was a section that I didn't understand at all and literally guessed on six questions. Want to know how that turned out? Four out of six correct. That's a statistical anomaly. Seriously, like 1 in 600 chance of that happening or something.

I scored better on the section I usually do the worst on and vice versa. I left that test feeling like crap so it was a nice surprise when I only scored a few points lower than my best practice scores.

I got a 166. Which isn't going to get me into an Ivy league but it's decent. Also, fun fact: Dan and I got the same score. Although when he got the score it was in the 96th percentile and now it's in the 93rd. He's such an old man.

It's done. It's over. I am never taking that test again (although it crossed my mind to because I'm a defeatist). And now it's just applications and personal statements. Boom.

Also, we went out to celebrate last night. Fajitas and Margaritas! 


  1. Congratulations! A 166 is a great score (and you can definitely get into an Ivy League with that)!

    1. Thanks! Fortunately, I won't be attempting any ivy leagues. We'll be heading back to California soon enough :)