24 January, 2013

times they are a-changing

Thanks for the kind comments and encouragement in my last post. I needed that.

After church on Sunday the word "peace" kept coming to mind. I need to trust that even though I don't know where we're going God does. It might not be where I'm thinking but it's out there. We're going somewhere.

And we're prepping for it. Dan made the appointment for the movers to come get our stuff and take it away, and I am listing things on Craigslist because we're not taking that old hand-me-down couch with us anywhere.

We got that couch after much debate. We already had a futon and used that as the couch but I got tired of the angle that the couch put us in when we were spooning and watching Battlestar (yep, we're nerds). We needed a couch in my opinion. Dan disagreed. It would be heavy, and probably cost money, and just an all over hassle.

I won though. It was cheap and on craigslist and we bought it from this hipster couple that was moving back home to Virginia and they were selling stuff so they'd have gas to get home. Once we got the thing home we realized how stinking uncomfortable that thing was. So I guess I didn't win in all respects. We just started stuffing the couch with more pillows so that we wouldn't fall into the defunct pull out bed. It worked.

I guess we'll be back to the futon at our next place. Which is probably a more sanitary option anyway.

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