25 January, 2013

Happy Friday

I had afternoon tea with a dear friend and there is, what should prove to be, a yummy dinner in the crock pot; this week is ending well.

The thing about making dinner is I rarely have the urge to do it. I really have no desire to cook. I would eat out every night if I could (that's not true. at some point I would get sick of it as was proven when we were up in Rhode Island for 10 weeks with no kitchen, but my memory does not serve well so go with me). I would get much larger to be sure as eating out is not the most healthy option there ever was.

But, really, that's the last thought on my mind when I think about the possibility of cooking dinner. However, I don't have a full-time job and I feel lazy if I get absolutely zero done during the day when Dan works 8-10 hours a day five days a week. So, sometimes that urges me to cook.

Like today. Also, I wanted to try out a drink recipe and I couldn't really justify going grocery shopping just for beverage ingredients so I picked out a recipe - a really delicious looking one, to be sure - and added those items to my list. Then I felt better about buying all the rum for the fruity drinks that are to be in my stomach this evening.

YES. Happy Friday, ya'll.

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