07 February, 2013

This baby already has the arm motions of a New Yorker.

My manager (who I made a penguin quilt for) finally had her baby! Here's Luca: the hairiest, tannest baby I've ever seen! Dang those Italians and their awesome genes. Seriously, this kid is cute and he's got those big, dark eyes... swoon.

I brought my camera by and we took a few shots to see if we could get a couple for their birth announcement. These are some of my favorites. I love that he's got the "I Heart NY" onesie on - his parents are from New York and his mom gets the funniest accent when she gets excited.

He was waving his arms around the entire time - such a New Yorker. I was pretty intimidated.


  1. is there anything you CAN'T do? these are SO cute! what a little doll he is!!

    1. Thanks, Bran! He was a little darling - also, he didn't cry when I held him. I'm two for two now!