06 February, 2013

That day I had high tea.

My friend Katlin spent the last semester in England and she was obsessed with afternoon tea. I think she went to a tea room in every town she visited while she was across the pond. When she learned that we share an affinity for tea she invited me to visit the Wilmington Tea Room with her. It was so good!

There were tasty homemade pastries and scones (ohmygod the scones) and they had darjeeling tea which is my favorite tea in the world. Except maybe for authentic chai that I had everyday when I was in India - that stuff has addictive qualities I think.

Anyway, there was this cute older couple who came in for lunch and the male half of the pair struck up conversations with everyone in the place. He was too cute. He chatted us up about movies. He found out Katlin was from Minnesota which got him on the subject of Fargo (snow. cold. not minnesota but we got there).

He said, "That Quentin Tarantino is pretty gory, he's got that new movie out as well..."

"I think Fargo was the Cohen Brothers," I responded.

"Oh, that's right. That's right. Not Tarantino, but his stuff is pretty violent, too." He said.

"I knew Fargo wasn't Tarantino when you said that. I thought you were wrong," his wife chimed in.

We all laughed a bit and I just thought she was so cheeky and he was so personable. I really hope that Dan and I are like that as we get older. Shoot, I hope we're like that now. Although, I really can't wait until I'm old and I just get to say whatever pops into my head - that's what old people get to do you know.

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